Swescore LIVE
GQ TRP 2017 State C'ships, Age and International
All results are provisional until approved by the relevant gymsports authority.

Auto-Results, all classes

U 11 Tramp Men
U 11 Tramp Women
U 13 Tramp Men
U 13 Tramp Women
U 15 Tramp Men
U 15 Tramp Women
U 17 Tramp Men
U 17 Tramp Women
17 + Tramp Men
17 + Tramp Women
Youth International Men Trp
Youth International Women Trp
Junior International Men Trp
Junior International Women Trp
Senior International Men Trp
Senior International Women Trp

U 11 Synchronized
U 13 Synchronized
U 15 Synchrnoized
U 17 Synchronized
17 + Synchronized
Youth International Synchro
Junior International Synchro
Senior International Synchro

U 11 Mens DMT
U 11 Womens DMT
U 13 Mens DMT
U 13 Womens DMT
U 15 Mens DMT
U 15 Womens DMT
U 17 Mens DMT
U 17 Womens DMT
17 + Mens DMT
17 + Womens DMT
Youth Mens DMT
Youth Womens DMT
Junior Mens DMT
Junior Womens DMT
Senior Mens DMT
Senior Womens DMT

U 11 Mens Tumbling
U 11 Womens Tumbling
U 13 Mens Tumbling
U 13 Womens Tumbling
U 15 Mens Tumbling
U 15 Womens Tumbling
U 17 Mens Tumbling
U 17 Womens Tumbling
17 + Mens Tumbling
17 + Womens Tumbling
Youth Int Mens Tumbling
Youth Int Womens Tumbling
Junior Int Mens Tumbling
Junior Int Womens Tumbling
Senior Int Mens Tumbling
Senior Int Womens Tumbling

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